How to choose a radiator to match your interior

These days radiators aren’t just a tool to heat your home. They became an essential aspect of interior design. They can add a stylish and trendy look and become a focal point of the room. There are so many options available when it comes to choosing the right radiator; you don’t need to compromise anymore. There are hundreds of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. You can pick heaters that match your interiors and enhance the look of your home.


Where do you start?

First of all, before you choose all the details of your new designer radiators, let’s have a look at few technicalities. Ask for the advice of your plumber who will tell you where in the house pipes need to go and where is the best place for your radiator. Then, you should use an online calculator to see what would be the ideal heat output for each room in the house. It should give you a good guideline what’s the best size. New, designer radiators are quite efficient which means you can get away with just a small one. It will all depend on how big is each room and how old is your property. Some radiators tend to be more efficient than others. That’s why think carefully what make will you choose. There are several different options available from aluminium, and copper to steel and cast iron. They all have both, pros and cons. Therefore it’s worth asking a radiator expert to help you pick the best solution for your house.

When you know where you’ll place your radiator and what’s will be the size of it, you can focus on the fun part: Matching your radiator to your interiors! First, let’s think of the shape. Would you rather have a vertical or horizontal one? It all depends how much space you’ve got on your wall and how it fits with the rest of your furniture. A radiator should complement the space and simply add a bit of modern look. A great way to highlight the designer radiator is to match it colouristically with the rest of the decorations. For example, if your kitchen is black and white, you can add a bit of colour to it by choosing a red radiator and adding a few red accessories. Don’t be scared to experiment and play with different colours and shapes. If your furniture tends to be quite traditional, having a new designer radiator is a great opportunity to liven up space. Pick something trendy unconventional and bold. It will add a more dramatic and modern look that will transform your interiors.

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