The Best Designer Radiator For The Living Rooms

The best designer radiators for living rooms.

There are many choices for radiators, with new trends taking over the furniture industry. Whether you want a bold, ‘make a fashion’ statement radiator or a blend in the wall type – either way there are many choices to turn your boring, bland radiators into something to talk about every time you have guests. What’s better than investing in designer radiators and transforming your living room into an iconic and stylish room?

Nowadays, the design and look of the furniture is becoming the forefront e for a room and its interior design. People value the look of a home more than anything, from the colours of the walls and doors to even window frames and panels. Have you seen the modernisation of windows recently? They are matte black and why not? It stands out from a mile away from the traditional look of houses with white window frames. And if you have black window frames, you should match the interior to the exterior and invest in matte black radiators.

For example, check out our ‘City’ matte black, designer radiator – one that stands out.



There are also living rooms that have the traditional marble mantelpieces, however, the conventional marble is being transformed to fit the modern era. They are no longer mantelpieces, coffee tables or tiled floors. They are now turning into radiators to provide the natural, organic stone appearance to any room. While also giving you the designer and expensive touch.

And then there are rose gold pieces that are making a comeback, with rose gold vases, coffee tables and small interiors. If this style is for you, why not include a copper radiator to match the aesthetic? Complete your rose gold filled room with the Pajak designer radiator and never look back.


However, if these are not catching your eye and you are more of an eccentric character that welcomes the excitement in life, maybe the range of vibrant, bold and electrifying designer radiators is for you. The ones that ‘pop’ with colour from yellows, oranges and fiery reds, to lime green, hot pink and even purple. There is a colour for everyone and every style of interior. So, don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Embrace the new wave of colourful radiators and create a staple piece in the living room and why shouldn’t that be the radiator? It doesn’t have to be a vital piece of house furniture anymore, that only has the sole purpose of providing warmth to a room. Make it more than that; make it stand out and become the talk of the street by introducing innovative and stylish designer radiators.

But wait, there’s more.

Why not try a floral embedded designer radiator that has the elegant feel to it? If you have a feature wall with floral wallpaper, you could embrace the idea of adding a decorative radiator to match the room. The rest of the room shouldn’t remain simple because of the feature wall, and a designer radiator is a way forward to revive that simplicity. For example, check out one of our floral embedded radiators, the Kaszub. A one of a kind, extraordinary feature radiator, that no one would forget.


Another choice for designer radiators in living rooms is corner radiators. Who knew that there are radiators that fit and shape into corners?

For many houses, empty corners are a problem because there are occasions where they cannot be utilised for anything. Therefore, they either remain an empty space or are filled with clutter, wicker baskets and cabinets, but then how many cabinets are too many? Instead of leaving it empty, while making use of that free space, invest in corner radiators, and they will also benefit the rest of the room by providing more heat. The best thing about these designer radiators is that they aren’t limited to just concave corners, but also convex corners! Take a look at one of ours:



From all the choices discussed here, there must be one that excites you and encourages you to want to step out of the box and invest in designer radiators. Regardless of whether your living room has a traditional or modern interior, adding a designer radiator will give the room a distinctive, new look that will make sure to ‘wow’ others.

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