Weirdly Wonderful radiators

For those of you who want everything in your room to stand out, who want nothing to sit in the background, we’re with you. We don’t believe in the norm, and we think radiators can make as big an impression as anything else in your room…yes, really! We have unique designs to fit the most unusual of spaces and to give character to those more ordinary rooms.

Here are a few of our weird and wonderful radiators for the adventurous and creatives amongst you.



For the busy bees who want your room to look as lively as you, our Hex radiator isn’t made to sit in the background. The hexagonal design will sit perfectly in a hip and modern bathroom, where even the constantly on-the-go need time to relax.


Sometimes less is more. So get back to basics with the beautiful pipework style of the PAJĄK. The radiator is made of copper and is a lovely piece of décor for traditional as well as contemporary homes. Perfect for the trend-setters and modernists amongst you.


The PLC sits right at home in a quirky cafe or any room you want to push outside of the norm. This radiator is hand-soldered, and its unusual design adds character as well as warmth. Don’t settle for ordinary, settle for PLC.


Are you one for cutting corners? Well, we make the most of them! If you have a small interior, why not get creative with it? The Outcorner is here to make the unnoticeable noticeable, giving life to even the corners of the room!


Bold, striking and one-of-a-kind, this award-winning radiator is born to stand out. Available in different shapes and sizes, the Ribbon is perfect against brick, stone, plaster laminate panel or laminated veneer lumber. Could the Ribbon fit the cool look of your rooms (and make them a whole lot warmer)?


If you’re looking to push the boat out with your choice of radiator, perhaps Cyklon is the one for you. Winner of Terma Design 2010 contest, this sleek, elegant and stylish radiator looks perfect with a minimalist design.


A design made to express the calming look of growing reeds, the Cane can add a beautiful aesthetic to living rooms, halls and bathrooms. Bring modern and vintage into one with these stunning, artful radiators.


Are you looking for something straight-forward? I’m afraid we can’t help you there. How about something a little outside of the box? The PERŁA certainly won’t go unnoticed. Who knew radiators could make such an impression? (We told you!)

Like what you see? We have tons more unique designs on our website! Don’t like what you see? Not to worry, not all of our radiators are as out-there as these ones. Whatever your style, we’ll match it. Just visit the products page on our website to see our full collection. Let us know your favourite in the comment section below.

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